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Yu-Gi-Oh Rise of the Duelist Booster Box (Release Date 06/08/2020)

Yu-Gi-Oh Rise of the Duelist Booster Box (Release Date 06/08/2020)


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Rise of the Duelist is set to dispel the dog days of Summer on August 6th, 2020!

Yugis Gaia the Dragon Champion strategy has been remastered for the modern age! Classic cards like Gaia the Fierce Knight, Catapult Turtle, and more take on new forms in service of a new form of Gaia the Dragon Champion that stacks an extra 2600 ATK on to itself every time it wins a battle and can expend exactly that much ATK to destroy any card on the field without a fight!

New Noble Knights rise from the pages of history! The Infernoble Knights are a fast Synchro Summoning strategy that burns through their Equip Spells for immediate benefits, then brings them back to the field and dares the opponent to destroy the monster theyre equipped to. Infernoble Knight monsters are also Noble Knight monsters, so you can use existing cards like Heritage of the Chalice to make your Deck even stronger! Dont forget Infernoble Knight - Renaud and Infernoble Knight - Roland from Toon Chaos youll need them if you want to maximize your firepower.

Many powerful Spell and Trap Cards! Unleash a new Forbidden Quick-Play Spell that can negate the effects of and halve the ATK of an entire fields worth of monsters or a Normal Spell that lets you retaliate against your opponents disruptive monster effects by choosing from the effects of Pot of Greed, Change of Heart, or The Forceful Sentry.

On top of all that, you can even find:

  • A powerful new “Chaos” Synchro Monster
  • A brand-new anti-Extra Deck Spellcaster theme
  • New cards for the “Rikka” and “Adamancipator” themes from Secret Slayers
  • New cards for the “Mathmech” and “Dragonmaid” themes from Mystic Fighters
  • 20 previously unavailable cards from overseas promotions, pack-ins, and more!

The Rise of the Duelist booster set contains 100 new cards: 50 Commons 26 Super Rares 14 Ultra Rares 10 Secret Rares

24 Boosters Packs per box.

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