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Sorcery TCG Contested Realm Preconstructed Deck Box (Release Date 10 Nov 2023)

Erik Curiosa

SKU: GC6861
  • $27.00


In the fantastical worlds held within Sorcery: Contested Realm, powerful magic imbues every living thing and even the land itself. With power comes conflict, as those known as the Avatars fight for dominion.

Tapping into the four elements — Earth, Fire, Water, and Air — these Avatars summon mythical minions, conjure ancient relics and cast a myriad of powerful spells to disrupt, confound, and ultimately destroy their opponent.

Each Preconstructed Box contains 4x 53 Elemental Decks (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) Preconstructed Cards Decks, 3x Rubble Tokens, 24x Mini Tokens, and a Quickstart Rulebook.

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