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Pokemon Z Ring Set


SKU: GC0879
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The POKÉMON Z-RING SET includes the Z-RING, 3 Z-CRYSTALS and a 5cm Pikachu figure.
Additional Z-CRYSTALS sold separately.

• Feel the thrill of battle as the POKÉMON Z-RING lights up, makes sounds, and vibrates!
• The type based attack icons on each Z-CRYSTAL become visible as they light up when inserted into Z-RING.
When synchronized in Nintendo 3DS/2DS Mode and with the Z-CRYSTAL element type matching the Z-MOVE type performed in the video game, the type based attack icon will appear automatically and players will be able to hear the dedicated type attack sound.
• Z-RING features two ways to play: synchronized with the video game for 4D experience or in role play.
• Video game synchronization allows the player to feel the full power of the Z-MOVE!
• Get different Z-CRYSTALS to unlock different colours, sounds and vibrations.
• Two AAA batteries are required and included with the set.

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