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Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

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Inspired by Cards Against Humanity but for Kids! Endless family fun with hilarious card game for tweens and teens 

Ever wondered how booger juice, vampire bunnies, and grandma can end up in the same sentence? With Not Parent Approved, your kids get to:

    • Play their mischievous selves without getting into real trouble (none of the adult content that Cards Against Humanity has)
    • Spend face-to-face interaction time with family and friends rather than with their gadgets
    • Expand their imagination and creativity through wacky humor
    • Laugh at jokes and at themselves

What’s in the box?

    • 455 cards (105 questions and 350 answers)
    • Set of rules

Starts with burps, ends with "snot-out-of-your-nose" laughter 

Your entire family will enjoy countless hours of belly-aching laughter as each one takes turns being the Burp Boss and the other players create the weirdest and funniest question and answer combinations.

Not Parent Approved makes the perfect gift

Enjoy effortless entertaining during sleepovers, parties, holiday reunions, school breaks, road trips, flights, picnics, and any event with the family.

If you like the classic game play of Mad Libs, want something funnier and edgier than Apples to Apples, easier to learn than Exploding Kittens, or need something more family-friendly than Cards Against Humanity than Not Parent Approved is your game!


Players: 4-10

Time: 6-60 min


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