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MULGA Slab Barrier: Acrylic Display Case with Stand For PSA & BGS


SKU: GC5915
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You’ve searched for them. You’ve cared for them. And you’ve paid good money for them. So why hide your cards away in a drawer somewhere? Suitable for BGS and PSA cases, this MULGA stand lets you proudly display your most precious and most pristine cards, while protecting them from damage.

– Made with 100% virgin lucite material, which has a transparency rate of 92%. (In short, glass-like clarity.)
– Has UV resistance rate of 96%, which will stay clear for at least 5 years.
– Rounded corners to reduce impacts from falls.
– Case can fit slabs up to 9.50mm in thickness, 85mm in width, and 137mm in height.
– Display stand has increased surface area and grip to ensure it does not fall over easily.
– No screws or magnets to interfere the aesthetics
– Can be used as standalone storage case, or with included stand for vertical trophy display

Protective case slides into a sturdy slot on the base for stable display, no more accidentally knocking over cards worth hundreds of dollars (or thousands!).

Case dimensions:
Outer - 94x149x17mm
Inner slot - 86x138x9.9mm

Base stand dimensions:

PSA slabs:
As the case is thicker, there will be some extra clearance for PSA slabs.

BGS slabs:
As the case is taller, there will be some clearance at the top of the case.
Fits standard BGS slabs (~9mm).

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