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Marrying Mr Darcy Undead Expansion

Marrying Mr Darcy Undead Expansion

Erika Svanoe

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The Marrying Mr. Darcy: Undead Expansion adds the threat of the walking undead to the heroines' attempts to build their character and marry well. Why not spice up the humdrum of social pleasantries and chasing suitors with the very pressing need to barricade the doors of Pemberley with the piano forte? Yes, the curse of the undead has touched both the women and suitors of Marrying Mr. Darcy in the new Marrying Mr. Darcy Undead Expansion. Stock up on smelling salts to save you from corruption or engage the blighted with cries of, "Tally ho!" as you fight them off with your basket-hilt broadsword. Find the love of your life, but make sure they're not afflicted with the curse of undeath in this quirky expansion to Marrying Mr. Darcy!

Number of players: 2-6

Recommended ages: 13+

Time to play: 60 minutes

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