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Magic: the Gathering-Eldritch Moon Booster Pack

Magic: the Gathering-Eldritch Moon Booster Pack

Wizards of the Coast

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THE ARCHMAGE OF GOLDNIGHT - A werewolf howls in the night. A mad angel cackles. Without its protector, Avacyn, Innistrad is falling to monsters and madness. But not all monsters are what they seem. In the dark of night, the howl of a werewolf might just be the answer to your prayers.

STONE AND BLOOD - Over a thousand years ago, Nahiri arrived on Innistrad to find her old friend Sorin Markov. That meeting set Nahiri on her course of vengeance, but the reasons for her anger have remained shrouded in mystery.

EMRAKUL RISES - Without its protector, the world of Innistrad feels hollow. All that remains of Avacyn is a burnt shadow on the floor of a cathedral. But the void she left will not remain vacant. A great power is coming to fill the emptiness. The land trembles. Something is rising.

Wizards Of The Coast brings you another great set of cards to add power and ideas to you Magic The Gathering card game decks! This set is called Eldritch Moon, and the creatures of the night abound.

Recommended Age:  13+
Number of Players: 2

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