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Magic the Gathering: Eldritch Moon Booster Box

Magic the Gathering: Eldritch Moon Booster Box

Wizards of the Coast

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The last protections over Innistrad have faded, Innistrad's fate rests in the hands of unlikely allies..

  • Without its protector, the world of Innistrad feels hollow. All that remains of Avacyn is a burnt shadow on the floor of a cathedral. But the void she left will not remain vacant. A great power is coming to fill the emptiness. The land trembles. Something is rising. (yeah.. it be Emrakul)
  • Wizards Of The Coast brings you another great set of cards to add power and ideas to you Magic The Gathering card game decks!
  • Sealed booster box of 36 pack.

    Recommended Age:  13+
    Number of Players: 2

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