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MAGIC THE GATHERING Amonkhet - Planeswalker Deck (Release date 28/04/2017)

Wizards of the Coast

SKU: GC1324
  • $22.00


The desert oasis of Amonkhet forges warriors. You have trained your entire life for a chance to face the Trials of the Five Gods and join the elite ranks of the Worthy. Using your strength, speed, and cunning, overcome deadly challenges and rise above the competition to claim an honored place in the Afterlife!

Planeswalker Decks familiarize players who are interested in Magic with basic strategy as well as the setting, characters, and themes of the latest set. Each deck comes with a premium foil Planeswalker card that is likely to appeal to newer and veteran players.

  • 1 Ready-to-play 60-card deck, featuring a foil premium Planeswalker card
  • 2 Amonkhet booster packs
  • 1 Strategy insert
  • 1 Magic learn-to-play guide
Please note this listing is for one deck only. One random deck (LILIANA or GIDEON) will be sent.

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