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 Force of Will Booster Box REIYA CLUSTER (R1) Ancient Nights-English-Games Corner

Force of Will Booster Box REIYA CLUSTER (R1) Ancient Nights-English

Force Of Willl

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■ New Set Supports Easy Drafting/Limited Play!

This cluster features design elements that ensure easy and accessible draft play. The total number of cards in "Ancient Nights" has increased since previous booster sets. Additionally, each box now comes with five Basic J/ruler cards (one for each attribute) with simple abilities that are perfect for draft/limited play events! New players can easily join veterans and compete right away with this new format support.

■Basic Magic Stones and Basic J/rulers Included In Each Box Separate From Booster Packs!

With the increased number of cards in this booster set in mind, basic magic stones will not be included in booster packs. Instead, each booster box comes with a pack of 30 basic magic stones (six of each kind) included in the box, but separate from the booster packs. Basic J/ruler cards are also not in booster packs and all five are included in each box in a pack separate from the booster packs. 

■Booster Boxes Designed For Easy Card Storage
Because players often enjoy using booster boxes as storage for their cards, we have taken this into account and redesigned the shape of the booster box such that it can be used as card storage once all included materials are cleared out.

■165 Kinds of Cards in Total (Including Basic Rulers and Basic Magic Stones)


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