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Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol.1 Blind Box Set

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol.1 Blind Box Set

Square Enix

SKU: GC1616
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Popular characters CLOUD STRIFE, SEPHIROTH (FINAL FANTASY VII), SQUALL LEONHART (FINAL FANTASY VIII), LIGHTNING (FINAL FANTASY XIII), and ACE (FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0) make an appearance as super-deformed mini figures! Even at less than two inches tall, Square Enix Products’ signature detail work and craftsmanship are apparent. With the potential to display even in a small space, these five miniature figurines are must-have items for FINAL FANTASY fans!


These items are now released as a set in a blind box* style with six figurines per box. We hope you will enjoy the mystery and surprise of collecting in this whole new way!
*The figures in this box have been randomly selected. As such, this box may contain duplicate figures and may not contain a complete set of all figures.
Product Size (inches):
CLOUD W1.3" x D1.0" x H1.9"
SEPHIROTH W1.1" x D1.6" x H1.6"
SQUALL W1.4" x D1.4" x H1.9"
LIGHTNING W1.2" x D1.3" x H1.6"
ACE W1.1" x D1.0" x H1.6"

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