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Dungeons & Dragons - Attack Wing Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons - Attack Wing Starter Set


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Engage in daring dragon-to-dragon aerial combat with the Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game!

  • WizKids Games, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, is pleased to bring the heroes, villains and monsters of Dungeons and Dragons to life in this latest fantasy miniatures game series!
  • Utilizing the FlightPath Maneuver System, command that most fearsome of fantasy monsters, dragons, and engage your foes in aerial combat! Customize your forces with magical upgrades!
  • The Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragon Starter Set includes three pre-painted dragons, maneuver dials, and numerous upgrade cards and tokens. Take flight with Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons today!

Starter Set contents;

  • 3 pre-painted plastic dragons (red, blue and copper) with base and pegs
  • 3 Maneuver Dials
  • Cards
  • Tokens


Players: 2+


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