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In Atari’s Centipede, designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter), Nicole Klein, and Anthony Amato (Laser Ryders) has 2 or 4 players venturing into the world of classic arcade gaming. On one side, a player controls the Gnome, exploring the forest and trying to defeat the Centipede. On the other side, the Centipede player, eager to destroy the Gnome, must wiggle their way to the other end of the board.

The Gnome player rolls and spends their dice to perform actions, while the Centipede player uses a deck of cards to spawn Fleas, Spiders, and Mushrooms, trying to control the game board. Players are armed only with their wits in this race to eliminate their opponent, take control of the enchanted forest, and win the game.


22 Centipede cards (2 decks of 11 cards)
7 Gnome control cards
1 Dice pool card
1 Creature speed card
12 Centipede segments (2 sets of 6)
2 Gnome tokens (2 colors)
30 Mushroom tokens
3 Flea tokens
3 Spider tokens
6 Gnome dice
1 Game board
1 Sticker sheet
1 Rulebook


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