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Cardfight Vanguard REVIVAL COLLECTION VOL.1 booster box - ENGLISH (release date 06/01/2017)

Cardfight Vanguard REVIVAL COLLECTION VOL.1 booster box - ENGLISH (release date 06/01/2017)


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Wishing for some cards to be reissued? Your wish is granted in this [Revival Collection] series!

Featuring popular cards from previous releases, this is the expansion you've been waiting for!
New cards supporting existing cards are also included in this English exclusive release!
Don't miss out on the chance to collect 12 of these cards in the new SP format as well!

Product Specifications

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Revival Collection

  • 1 pack contains 3 random cards
  • 1 display contains 10 packs
  • 50 types of cards (RRR: 12 / RR: 16 / R: 22) [25 new cards / 25 reissue cards] + SP: 12 [12 Parallel]
  • 1 card in every pack will definitely be an RR or above card!!
Some keywords featuring in Revival Collection
  • Beast Diety
  • Eradicator
  • Regalia
  • Sanctuary Guard
  • Nightmare Doll

Many more are included too!

Featured Clans
  •  Royal Paladin
  •  Oracle Think Tank
  •  Shadow Paladin
  •  Gold Paladin
  •  Genesis
  •  Nova Grappler
  •  Dimension Police
  •  Link Joker
  •  Granblue
  •  Bermuda Triangle
  •  Aqua Force
  •  Kagero
  •  Tachikaze
  •  Murakumo
  •  Narukami
  •  Spike Brothers
  •  Dark Irregulars
  •  Pale Moon
  •  Gear Chronicle
  •  Megacolony
  •  Great Nature
  •  Neo Nectar


Why Revival Collection?

Through the years of Cardfight!! Vanguard, we have released a huge collection of cards and are extremely glad to see many cardfighters growing along with the game. We know that plenty of you are excited about the latest advancement of the game but would still like to emphasize that introducing new cards does not mean that old cards will become obsolete; many cards that were released quite a while ago continue to play a vital role in the decks built by many cardfighters.

Nevertheless, some important cards may be too difficult to obtain in the market now and have become stumbling blocks preventing new as well as some veteran cardfighters from constructing the best decks and excelling in important tournaments. “This card is very important for my deck, but I cannot find it at my local store.”

We have heard your voices and started to include special reprints in the new products. For example, the popular “School Etoile, Olyvia” special reprints were included in G-CB03 with a rare appearance to rather positive responses. After much consideration, we have decided to release a special collection set for the English edition products, with a careful selection of reprint cards included as a major part of the product.

In addition to reprints, the Revival Collection also includes a number of new cards that are available in the Japanese edition products but have not made their appearance in the English edition yet. Selected Japanese PR cards as well as some cards from the DAIGO Special Set G are examples of the new additions. The Revival Collection will mark the first time English Cardfight!! Vanguard players will have access to these cards.

We also value the collectability of cards for a trading card game. Thus, the reprint cards are carefully selected to make sure that they are the cards most wanted for each clan; some will also be released with alternative illustrations. In addition, all cards from the Revival Collection will be holo foiled!


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