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Addict a ball MAZE 2 - 138 stages

Addict a Ball MAZE 2 - 138 stages


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The Addict a Ball - the perfect gift for a puzzle lover.

MAZE 2 – 138 stages

The concept of Addict a ball involves twisting, turning and tilting this transparent orb in various directions so that you can guide a small metal ball through the 3D maze of platforms, holes and spirals which are suspended within.

You might not think that such a simple low tech ball-through-maze game would be able to hold your attention for very long, but this thing is frustratingly addictive and sometimes annoying puzzle will keep you playing for ages.

To master the addict-a-ball you must guide your ball through a huge array of challenges, over platforms, through arches, down holes, vertical roll through’s meaning you must twist and turn the ball up to 360 degree’s in order to reach your goal.

Be warned, working your way through the labyrinth like structure is no easy task and if your anything like us, you will lose many hours from your day whilst trying to figure it out.

It’s great fun and makes a great present idea for almost anybody.

There are two versions available, Maze 2 has 138 numbered sections you have to work your way through with (Maze 1) the travel version still sporting 100 numbered sections to conquer.


Maze 1 - Small (100 stages): 13 cm

Maze 2 - Large (138 stages): 19 cm.

Age Range: 6+

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