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5 Second Rule Board Game

5 Second Rule Board Game

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The Five Second Rule is a board game of quick thinking and fast talking. It is not a rule which applies when a piece of food is dropped on the floor, picked up then eaten in quick succession. Basically the rules are very easy - name three things in 5 seconds flat! Sounds easy? You'd be surprised! 

For instance, try to name three breeds of dogs in 5 seconds? Easy isn't it! Now try to do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting away? Or name three famous Michaels…or even three things that you might find behind the settee cushions… Time's not on your side, so just say whatever comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out! It's all in good fun with the fast paced family board game. Ideal for all the family from ages 8 to 98, although it's ideal to be played with 3 or more players. Ideal for family gatherings - perfect game to play after Sunday lunch. It even makes a good drinking game; get together with your friends, pour a drink and start your guessing. 

How to Play

The winner of 5 Second Rule is the first player to reach the finish spot through thinking quickly and holding their nerve. Each player takes a turn in the hot seat and has to answer a question, such as “Name 3 things you can paint” or “Name 3 yellow foods”. They then have five seconds to think of three answers – and say them all aloud before the small silver balls reach the bottom of the spiral timer. If three correct answers are given the player gets to move forward one space on the board. If three correct answers are not given, the same question is asked of the next player – and they have to give three completely different answers. PASS ON and SWITCH cards are there to help along the way, but watch out for the Danger Zones on the game board as you could miss a turn. The questions for 5 Second Rule have been carefully written so that children as young as 8 can enjoy all the fun of this must-have family game.


376 Question cards (752 Questions)
12 PASS ON cards
12 SWITCH cards
6 Playing Pawns
1 Playing Board
1 Spiral timer

1 set of Rules

Age: 8+ years

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